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De l' Oise, où elle réside, à l' Appartement du Vice, il n'y a qu'un pas qu'elle a franchi allégrement...La belle blackette a eu un peu de mal au début de la séance à se déshabiller devant tous ces hommes qui l'observaient mais elle s'est vite décoincée : interview sans tabou, fellations, squirting, fist vaginal, pénétrations, sodomies, une chaude coquine !Our destination guides contain thousands of listings and virtual reality map tours to help you plan your perfect vacation.Listings include hotels, restaurants, activities, attractions, diving, snorkelling and shopping for 50 destinations.Coffee aficionados should be sure to treat themselves to Guadeloupe's high-quality, home-grown coffee.Locals like their coffee Cuban style - black as night, sweet as love, hot as hell.

The southern wing, known as Basse-Terre, boasts a botanical garden, national park, and a volcano overlooking waterfalls that spray cool mists over all who come too close.

The volcano erupted for several weeks starting in August 1976 but caused no loss of life because some 72,000 people had been evacuated from the area; other, weaker eruptions occurred through January 1977.

This butterfly-shaped island - actually two isles - is one of few Caribbean places where tourism is not king. Since Guadeloupe is essentially an oversees department of France, expect fine cuisine, tasteful surroundings and a clothing-optional beach or three.

Ti'punch is an island rum drink with sugarcane syrup and fresh lime.

Other festivals include Carnival with streams of dancers dressed as imps and buccaneers; Bastille Day, a mid-July festival of the arts; and All Saints,' when cemeteries are lit up with candles so that the dead can see their still-living friends who stay up all night in honour of the dead.We have spent considerable time organizing the Guadeloupe beach weather and live beach cams in a way that's easy to use and helps you enjoy the beach.


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