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we do insist on the girls saying hi on the phone so everyone is comfatable from the start.We love going to Chameleons and Parties so any invites are welcome.Hi, We are a meticulously clean and smart professional couple with a GSOH.We would love to meet a similar couple or female for friendship and fun to make up a foursome and maybe a fivesome with our male friend sometime. A meet or chat first would be ideal to break the ice.People who share a similar lifestyle and the costs associated with meeting - We have a 'comfortable' lifestyle but we don't want to end up paying for everything ! We know its a cliche but it would be really nice to meet some 'genuine' people we could meet with on a regular basis. We are Greg and Katie, we have done a bit of swinging before but thought we would join here as particularly looking for a bi female to have some fun with and hopefully if all goes well meet up again regularaly. I (Katie) am not interested in a full swap however i will oraly go with another guy and do not mind Greg having some naughty fun with another girl.


Have found the swinging community very friendly so far, met some wonderful down-to-earth ppl & hopefully this will continue x NO SINGLE GUYS PLEASE :) Hi, I am in a relationship and have been kindly given permission to meet and play. please drop by my pics and drop a wink,or message if you like what you see please message if you like my pics and i will invite you to my private album leejames_1 Fit professional couple looking to turn fantasy into reality with like minded couple.We know the format that works for us, which is meet and get to know each other. We are seeking single bi girls or like minded couples where males can watch (enjoy the entertainment) and then have ultimate sex with own partners in same room fun. I do like to play with submissive ladies but this is not a requirement and I like to experiment too.There needs to be genuine connection between all of us - if ths happens then wow ..... I like role playing, turning you on and teasing you.In the past we have mistakenly mixed friendship and 'swinging' and on other occasions been strung along with just about every excuse imaginable but as the saying goes - three times bitten ? We know - our fault for being a little naieve but such is life. Genuine people who can meet regularly - possibly every couple of weeks?

Couples with Genuinely Bi females - not those who are ...'just doing this for hubby' Couples who do FULL swaps - If this is not for you thats fine but lets be honest from the start and not waste anyone's time. We are especially interested in meeting Gay Females.We are a 100% genuine couple and keep ourselves trim and tidy so expect other to do the same and also have good hygeine.



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    This means you can get registered with as many of them as you like at no cost to you! Some of them have pretty nice structure and search options.

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