Who is nikki flores dating

Besides dating Liane, Benjamin was seriously in a relationship with a lady named, Nikki Flores.

It was in the year 2009 when the relation of the duo went public.

The model that has been the center of attraction in the entertainment showbiz came to the pinnacle of his career when he won a famous American modeling reality show which was one of the top charts busted songs all across i Tunes. He was born to parents Joseph Thottumkal and Seline Thottumkal.

Benjamin has also worked with many commercial brands including Tillys, Guess, and Pink Dolphin. Don Benjamin has a genuine height of 6ft and his body weighs nearly 85 kg. Talking about Benjamin’s social profile, he is active on Instagram where we can see his vast fan followers of 2.2 million.

It’s been nearly three years that the couple has started their dating affair and is still committed to each other.

The pair began dating each other in 2015 and has been together since then.

She appeared in the 2007 film Super Sweet 16: The Movie. She has posted several Instagram photos with her boyfriend, Blake Lee.

She has written songs for singer Christina Aguilera.

He is also active on Twitter where he has more than 196k fan followers.Independent singer-songwriter and pianist who has released numerous albums, most notably her 2006 debut, Aquamarine.She had written her first song by the time she was 12 years old and would record songs in her parents' home studio.Musically, he captures a bedroom-ready R&B vibe within the framework of hip-hop.


You can hear it within the likes of “Doin’ It Well" and "Hit The Snooze".the song came about while Don, Eric and producer Soundz were in the studio joking around and came up with the concept last minute.." In the end, Don gives something much more to listeners everywhere with his candid lyrics and different perspective.



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