Who is ed westwick dating october 2016 dating services british columbia

Another thing which allows us to guess that Jessica Szohr is new Ed Westwick girlfriend is that they were seen again at Cafe Colette.

Again, eating was the last thing they were interested in.

The alum is being replaced by Christian Cooke, with his scenes to be reshot later this month.

Producers announced the news on Friday, adding that a new broadcast date would be revealed down the line.

alum recently erased several Twitter and Instagram posts in which he denied the accusations of assault and rape made against him by three women. Related: New Lawsuit Claims Ed Held Woman Hostage As A Sex Slave As we reported, this case stems from Cohen's accusation that the 30-year-old held her down and raped her in 2014 during a visit to his home.


As we reported, the LAPD is looking into the accusations that came out against Westwick in late 2017.

The case was submitted by the Los Angeles Police Department on March 20.



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