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Through her marriage to Nathan, she gained the late, Cesar Faison, Dr. Britt Westbourne and her boss, Nina Reeves as in-laws. In 2002, Maxie is "diagnosed" with Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome and is aged to 16.They were married on January 17, 2017 at the Metro Court Hotel surrounded by family and friends and with Lulu serving as matron of honor and Dante as best man. She was known for her feud and rivalry with Elizabeth Webber.Maxie's relationship with Mac is great and as for her relationship with Frisco, it is non-existent at this point.Maxie has matured a lot and went from a wild, rebellious teenager with abandonment issues to a damaged, self-destructive, scheming boyfriend/husband stealer to a feisty, sassy, bold fashionista, extremely loyal and protective friend, devoted wife and mother. Matt Hunter from May 2012 until their divorce in October 2012.

Maxie was named after her great-grandmother, Mariah and great-grandfather, Maximilian.

I want to hear about the weirdest things you’ve seen on resumes.

To kick us off, some highlights from past commenters: “The person whose description included only their entire astrological profile.

She is the daughter of supercouple Frisco and Felicia Jones, although she considers Mac Scorpio to be her father. She has been portrayed by actress Kirsten Storms since May 2005.

For an eleven-month stint (from September 2011-August 2012) the role was temporarily portrayed by actress Jen Lilley, when Storms took medical leave.

She has a daughter named, Georgie, who was born in August of 2013, through a one night stand with her ex-fiancé, Damian Spinelli.



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