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There are always the fur fetishists who like to see girls fucking in furs, because who doesn’t like to see beautiful women rolling around in and enjoying furs?Some fur fetish fans like to imagine that they are the furs, getting fucked and laying against my skin.The other was just rubbing my toes through my buffalo fur rug.I found that these clips, especially with the head-on furs, attracted fans who I was not and am not interested in having: the .I will talk about how I don’t care about where my exotic rare furs come from and how I take pleasure knowing that animals died to make my furs.I am goddess of the entire earth and the most powerful and cruel woman.Except for a few fans, fur coat destruction is a taboo that doesn’t sell very well for me at all.A common role that I get asked to play is Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmatians.

It ended up becoming a tipping war between the fur fetishist who were tipping me to put more coats ON, and the vanilla tipper who wanted to see me totally naked.

Two of my best selling fur fetish clips involved my feet in furs.

One of them was dropping my clogs on my 1930s head on furs.

The guys who I consider “hardcore fur fetishists” can ONLY or mainly get off with fur (as per the strict definition of “fetish”), and since they need only the presence of fur, the thought, the sensation…

they can get off looking at high end fashion photos and don’t really “need” to look at adult fur fetish content.One fan sent me cheap “cutter furs”, which are basically old rabbit fur coats that are beyond repair.


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    Country: US GENDER: F State: CT City: New Haven Email | Send Flirt | Add to Favoriteslove pleasing a woman start licking her About me: To be my partner, u have to be good looking, not wearing any specticals, have great strenght, intrested in living with me(have to be single and living alone.) and have no other affairs.

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    IT'S 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEED TO WORK FOR YOU Be Naughty UK MILFS, Sluts and sexy grannies waiting. A simple 'Hi' is all it takes to get things moving. Don't get fooled into joining one of the hundreds of (so-called! They trick men into signing-up with false claims of meeting local women for sex. You're given instant access to other genuine sex contacts in the UK. Your fantasy may be a MILF or someone younger, or older than you are - a Mature Woman or Granny.

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    You are currently using the Flash-version of the chat: it's fully featured and optimized.

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    387)“It was such a challenge to look sexy and relaxed while manipulating my body into the various uncomfortable contortions…Even for… He grabbed my hips and helped me just over his lap and started slamming me into his dick. I was determined not to just be a fuck toy but also retain as much power as possible off camera.” (Pg. He had a very strange expression on his face, as if he actually enjoyed the responsibility. 163)“After the AVN Awards and all the mainstream exposure, everyone wanted to interview me, even people who had passed on the offer before.

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