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You guys know how this works: once you've placed your order you'll get a steam key to your mail which you can use to unlock the game in Steam.

However, be sure to read the disclaimer & FAQ below first!

• Devs please put the game on a sale so I can save 4 bucks • I don’t like ___, please add an option to remove ___ • Performed Satanic rituals to summon Phil Fish • Plz come back • Actually optimized the game a bit • What use are ladders when you can run on the walls? • We actually bought a stuffed goat head IRL for our office, we have no idea what to do with it. • Killed PC gaming • How long will the patch notes be?

• Spent more time writing jokes about Flappy Goat than working on the patch • Changed the points required for the Flappy Goat Achievement from 10 to 30 • Just kidding.


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    The two often struggle to find moments to sneak away for a quickie, and Sandler blames his children for his current, lackluster sex life.

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