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This variety of nature of drawings is especially suitable for our project, since it allows us to capture the history of Venice more thoroughly.

Furthermore, the drawings are accompanied by explanatory text relating the drawing to history, which is again a big plus for conveying the story of Venice.

For storing the information on the prints of Venice we chose to use an XML file.

The XML file stores the name of the print, the artist, the date of the print, description of the location, the tag of the location and the image files of the print and a contemporary photograph that approximating the point of view of the artist.

For reasons of standardization of the geographical information used in the project and utilizing powerful representation abilities of Keyhole Markup Language (KML) without violating its standards, we decided to choose the second way and built two separate databases, one for representing geographical locations and one for the prints.


For this reason, in the last years we have seen an increasing development in what are called Geographic Information Systems (GISs), tools designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present various types of geographical data.In this way, the user is given the possibility to see and compare the different drawings, realizing the changes that the particular point of interest has undergone during the years.Besides the visual information, a brief description is available for every location in order to summarize the related history and curiosities.There were a number of options to choose from for this interface, three major ones being interface over the others since it meets the needs of our project while being easy to use in the end users side, not needing any plug-ins to be installed.

Furthermore, with this interface the user has the ability to view the city as a map or as registered satellite images.

While map view gives an easy to grasp and clean representation of the city, thus accentuating the information in the prints, the satellite view gives detailed scenery information enabling the user to immerse themselves more in Venice.


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