Updating sas license


This information is displayed at the top of the SAS log window when you first start SAS.

Alternatively, contact the personnel at your company who are responsible for SAS installations.

If you continue to see one of the following two warnings within the initial Log window, then your license file has not been properly renewed/updated: WARNING: Your system is scheduled to expire on February 28, 2012, which is XX days from now.

The "Folder for SAS config file" field will typically default to the correct path on the local c:\ drive of the system where you are running the Renew SAS Software utility, but you should verify the path and correct it if necessary.You must include the platform you're running SAS on (Windows 7, for example), the bit version (32-bit or 64-bit), whether your use of SAS is for Teaching and Research or Administrative, and finally the SAS Site Number of your SAS installation.This can be found by launching SAS, going to the Help menu, selecting About SAS 9, and finally clicking on the Siteinfo button.Following this menu path, you will get to a program called Renew SAS Software: Renew SAS Software After clicking on Renew SAS Software, you will see the window below.


If you have not obtained a license file, please see help document 5546.As the text at the top of the Renew SAS Software window indicates, there are two steps in renewing your SAS software: Click Next to advance through the steps.



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