Updating jpanel

That's why JLabel and JButton objects will still keep a reference to the first given String even if these String have been updated. We are iterating through the vector and populate several JLabels and JButtons in the same JPanel.The only way to update JLabel and JButton objects is to use the method set Text(...). Rather than set up another iterator to go through and change the text of each JLabel and JButton when a new Result Set is returned. For repainting, super.paint Component(g); If you need to repopulate your panel, then the remove methods are useful. It is very inefficient to remove and re-create all your components.You would do better to have a method which calls the random generator and resets the text in the JLabels whenever those actions are performed.Same object, different state (unless you happen to get the same dice twice).Thank you Sir for your suggestion, but i do not have any idea that what must be the time delay i should give. again i want to ask you something whether i have to declare my query to retrieve data in the action performed method? Hello First time posting and first real issue I have had since started to learn JAVA.Still relative new to JAVA so any help would be useful I am writing a program to record sight marks for archery.


I then have an update button for each sight which ... I hope you'll be able to help me out with this problem. The panel contains logopanel, qpanel and buttonpanel. Ok, I have a problem with classes working together.



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