Updating iphone from 1 1 4 to 2 1

When Sn0w Breeze has identified the firmware file you will get a success notification. Step 6) – The next screen you will be presented with 4 options – i Faith Mode, Simple Mode, Expert Mode and Baseband Preservation Mode.

The option you will want to click is Baseband Preservation Mode. Step 7) – Sn0w Breeze will now begin creating custom i OS 5.1.1 firmware file that will preserve your current baseband.

I had to restore my phone to factory settings before I was able to continue the process.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to grab a screen shot of the error — I was too busy watching a dead progress bar on my phone and praying to the Update Gods that I hadn’t just bricked it.

Once you do this, your i Device will be in DFU mode and you can restore your custom IPSW firmware file.

Step 9) – After following Sn0w Breeze’s real-time instructions EXACTLY as shown, i Tunes should launch you will be prompt by Sn0w Breeze saying i Reb is successfully running, you can go back to i Tunes and SHIFT click the restore button.



Note: Make sure you select the right firmware file that will have the prefix sn0wbreeze_ before the IPSW name (ie: sn0wbreeze_i Phone_4-GSM-5.1.1-9B206.ipsw).

Apple typically takes a few months to put a coat of polish on its major updates, and this one is dropping unusually quickly — as the chart below shows, i OS 9.1 spent much less time in beta then any OS update since 8.1.



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