Traffic light dating

If you have kept an eye out for our cover stories, you know by now we've written about cars, designers, brands, extra-terrestrial vehicles, cars and movies, cars and criminals, cars and police, electric cars, dead cars, future cars, beautiful cars...All fine and dandy, but there is one little aspect we haven't talked about until now.Automated traffic lights surfaced in 1922, in Houston.Five years later, the country which started it all, Britain, got its first lights in Wolverhampton.

Some, however, have formed the basis for today's traffic legislation.FIRST TRAFFIC SIGN SYSTEMAs we said above, traffic signs, in their general meaning, have been around for millennia.True, they only came in the form of erected stone columns or road side rocks which marked various distances to important urban centers.Reports say that, a month into service, the traffic light exploded... The idea however was good, so it was revived in the US in 1912 by Lester Wire, the man considered the inventor of the electric red-green traffic light.

The first one was installed in 1914 on the corner of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.FIRST DRIVER LICENSEWhereas up until the 1900s just about every single piece of legislation imposed limits and requirements for the vehicles themselves, all will change starting 1904.


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