Tough dating sim

Ever since the former model turned to acting full time last year, she has been involved in a number of back-to-back television projects.

She just wrapped filming for modelling drama Vic, which will air on streaming platform Toggle, as well as the Channel 8 dialect series Eat Already? She will then start production for Channel 8 long-form drama Reach For The Skies, in which she plays a woman who returns to Singapore from the United States after the mysterious death of her brother.

Women, for example, outnumber men in games such as Tencent’s battle arena game .

Tan also notes that more games inspired by Japanese anime and comics have been released into the market, since they are a big draw for female gamers.

is in essence a “visual novel,” an interactive game genre that originated in Japan in the 1990s.

In a visual-novel game, players simply need to tap the screen to keep the narrative moving forward.


Home-grown model-turned-actress Sheila Sim may have found her husband on a dating app, but she is quick to urge caution to anyone else hoping to meet Mr or Ms Right in the same way.

I am blessed to have found someone whom I can communicate well with.


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