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Mark and Tommy pulled back, looking at their mother's creamyquivering tits with pure lust in their young eyes. They looked up between theirmother's wide spread legs. Open fromthe way her legs were stretched Susan knew her young sons werelooking directly at her obscenely displayed blond pussy. They were taking turns finger fucking their mother's cunt.

Mark and Tommy saw the pink lips of their mother's thick cuntlips slightly opened like two rose petals fresh with morning dew,covered with fine silky golden pussy hair. Theinsides of Susan's thighs were slippery with her cunt juice asher sons switched fingers.

With her golden blond hair swung about her shoulders,glittering from constant brushing, she looked like she was onlyin her early twenties instead of a thirty-two-year-old matureyoung mother of two adolescent boys.

Widowed for the past twoyears, Susan almost never dates, now she lived only for her twoyoung sons.

But how could she refuse herhandsome boys anything when she loves them so much. Her ample tits, still firm with uptilted nipples, strained at the bodice of her low cut sundressmade Tommy's cock became even harder. Things were getting serious and she felt sohelpless to stop it from happening. The ropes at her ankles were secured to the wall of the garage. "Lift her dress,' Mark said, lets see Mom's panties." "Don't," Susan scream quickly. " On seeing the expression on her sons' faces, Susan softens hervoice and pleaded, "You shouldn't be doing this to your ownmother, It's not nice. Their mother's sexybody shook as tears streamed from her beautiful blue eyes.

Mark was watching his brother sucking their mother's tit, andthen he, too, began to suck on the other one. They also began to pinch the soft and tenderflesh of her ass cheeks brutally. Susan thought if her son kept fingerfucking her, she would come. Mark pulled his finger out, coated with his mother's cunt juice,he first smelled his moist finger and than put it in his mouth totaste his own mother's aromatic vaginal secretions.

She had no control over them anymore, not since losingtheir father. As they approached her, Susan was struggling and trying to keepthem from grabbing her feet, but they were fast.


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