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They succeed because they pin their arguments to the claim that they are not racists.

That slavery was “a catastrophe.” That the white race isn’t even the smartest race. They tell boldfaced lies, like that the followers who made Nazi salutes were being “ironic,” that humankind’s greatest advancements were all made by white civilizations, and that ancient Egyptians were actually white.

What was the world coming to when gay people could get married and transgender people could use the bathroom of their choice?

As Arlie Hochschild beautifully portrays in her book, they felt like strangers in their own land.

In the new president, they saw, if not a supporter, at least someone who would elevate sympathizers of their cause to positions of power in the White House.

I began my latest book, THE STRAW MAN FALLACY, immediately after the election of Donald Trump.In fact, this homegrown terrorist group puts young, white, American men at risk in much the same way that ISIS puts young Muslim men at risk.White supremacy is intact in the “alt-right,” but not overt.For white nationalists, Trump’s base was ripe for conversion.

The majority of Trump supporters would be disgusted by the KKK, but by claiming they aren’t racists, white nationalist leaders have been able to pit white, working- and middleclass men against minorities.

I read dozens of articles in the New York Times, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Slate, and others, and listened to many podcasts, notably On The Media (WNYC), which ran a series of shows about the “alt-right.”The more I read, the more I was able to understand how a shift towards the “alt-right” became possible.


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