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This is so exciting, specially after only 5 months from starting our blog, we are competing with the greatest on Technorati directories.What happened latter was more exciting, because at the end of the day I found out that we are listed again as one of the Top 100 business on Technorati, I was really…You will be able to claim your blog one of the most important website in the blogosphere and also an important source which helps the webmasters by helping them to index their blogs in search engines in no time (Yeah this happens in very less time and most of the times it will happen instantly).For enjoying the benefits of Technorati one needs to register with the website and later have to claim your blog or website.Then Technorati will check your blog and confirm your ownership by asking you to post their unique claim token in your blog feed which they will email you upon claiming your blog.


Since I've installed the updated version (was using the Follow up to my previous comment: the subscriptions have been updated only once after I renamed the config file. the item in the FAQ about the need for installing . Anyway, now after I installed that SP1 from Microsoft's site and restored the config file, it refreshes OK. The name field of the blog still shows the rss feed URL instead of the full descriptive name such as "My blog name". I code quite frequently in C#, and wouldn't mind spending time improving a great product that I use.What would also be nice is if when starting up it remembered its previous display status. Support "snapshot" feeds: There are feeds (like stock tickers) that give a full snapshot each time you get the info.Although it remembers the window position it does not remember if it was minimised/maximised, or just in the system tray. If I had a flag to indicate this, the reader can delete all current messages and replace them with the new snapshot. Standing Filter on a feed: In addition to the system wide filter, there is a need for a "per feed" filter that will make sure I only see messages I am interested in (example: on a gaming site I just want those that have "PC" in them).You may notice that our rank on Alexa is also increasing, and in this occasion I will take the chance to ask you to write a simple short review for our blog on Alexa and contact me with a link to you site and I will personally review yours, this help a lot to increase Alexa rank and all what it takes is a few minutes!


Simply copy paste your technorati claim token in a "NEW POST" as I have pasted above, go to your technorati account, click on claim your blog and post url of this post (in your case you will write url of your post).It also brings back the ability to split your feed with "Read More" links, just like your blog posts.


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