Steps in validating a survey instrument

The following general guidelines should be considered in this process: A bilingual (in English and the target language for translation) expert panel should be convened by a designated editor-in-chief.

The goal in this step is to identify and resolve the inadequate expressions/concepts of the translation, as well as any discrepancies between the forward translation and the existing or comparable previous versions of the questions if any.

Step 2: Run a Pilot Test Select a subset of your intended survey participants and run a pilot test of the survey.

A well-established method to achieve this goal is to use forward-translations and back-translations.

Discrepancies should be discussed with the editor-in-chief and further work (forward translations, discussion by the bilingual expert panel, etc.) should be iterated as many times as needed until a satisfactory version is reached. Instructions for providing the electronic version of the final translated instrument to WHO will be provided.


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