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The most prominent theory is that it was built by Native Americans some 2,500 years ago and was used for centuries as a place for religious ceremony.Another popular theory suggests that the structures were created and used by Irish monks around AD 1000.These holes were drilled with a level of precision that seems inconsistent with the ability of premodern tools.This has led some to believe that the stone may be an elaborate hoax, while it has convinced others that the stone may be a “thunderstone” crafted by supernatural forces.These petroglyphs portray a number of animals, including rattlesnakes and fish.


Archaeologists have been unable to figure out what culture built it, when it was built, or what its use was.One of the most impressive of these man-made chambers can be found in Upton, Massachusetts.The Upton Chamber is built into a hill and has a long passageway that opens up into a beehive-like dome.What makes Poverty Point interesting is it’s the only known example of large construction done by a hunter-gatherer society.

No one knows exactly what purpose Poverty Point served.Some archaeologists suggest that the site was used for periodic ceremonial events, while others contend it was a permanent settlement.



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