Silent dating london


Nosferatu is so-called because the film-makers couldn't get the rights to Bram Stoker's novel and so were forced to change all the names, including Dracula itself.As the bald and pointy-eared Count Orlok, Max Schreck is far more frightening than Robert Pattinson could ever be.It is also notable for its heavy-handed use of "forward-facing" inter-titles, which, like chapter titles in a book, preface what is to come rather than forming part of the drama.But although Griffith's later works, such as Way Down East, are more accessible, this is still by far his best-known.Both were comic geniuses of the silent era, but Chaplin's humour is rooted in a vaudeville sentimentality (Keaton employs a more modern cynicism) that makes him the perfect introduction to silent movies.

The Kid (1921)You can either be a Charlie Chaplin fan or a Buster Keaton fan, but not both, the saying goes.

Starring the nation's sweetheart Lillian Gish, it dazzled with its impressive sets but is also abhorrently racist, casting white actors in "blackface" as ignorant buffoons.


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