Shroud of turin carbon dating mistake who is boris diaw dating

A) Well actually I work in the field of porphyrin, so detecting blood this way is something that is not new to me, and I have done so in the past before working on the shroud,......



So of course what we need to do now is go back and look at tests now that tell us more about the kind of things we did find.

The most interesting of these was my interview with the now deceased Dr.

Alan Adler; the scientist responsible for the investigation of the Blood on the Shroud. But we were also able to get a number of other tests for blood but also most importantly we did immunological tests for blood.

We actually found that you can accurately demonstrate 10,000 year old blood using this particular test, which many of the more recent tests will not.


From the immunological tests, we got positive results which is all I can say.

A) It sure does, because that is the thing we can't explain..a simple way.


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