Englehorn organizes a rescue party, led by Hayes and Jack. Jimmy (disguised in ski cap but later discovered by Hayes), and several other sailors come along. The rescue party is then caught in the middle of a pack of Venatosaurus saevidicus and the herd of Brontosaurus baxteri they are hunting, and seven people are killed, including cameraman Herb.The rest of the rescue party come across a swamp where Baxter and two others leave the group.The rest cross the swamp on rafts, only to be attacked by "Scorpio-pedes", as well by a "Piranhadon", which devours three sailors.The rescue party is making their way across a fallen log over a ravine when Kong attacks.

Captain Englehorn has second thoughts about the voyage, prompted by crewmen Lumpy and Hayes' speculation of trouble ahead.The crew returns fully armed, but is too late as Kong takes Ann and flees into the jungle.Ann wins Kong over with juggling and dancing, and begins to grasp Kong's intelligence and capacity for emotion.Kong returns to Ann and rescues her from three Vastatosaurus rex. The remaining rescue party find the pit to be full of giant insects.


Lumpy is killed by the maggot-like Carnictics sordicus while two others are killed by spider-like creatures.Deep in the southern waters, the Venture receives a radio message informing Englehorn that there is a warrant for Carl's arrest due to his defiance of the studio's orders to cease production.


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