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) Despite several errors that information-security professionals may find glaring (did you notice the missing © symbol at the bottom?), the current attack does seem well crafted, and, therefore, more likely than many to trick American Express customers, most of whom obviously do not deal with phishing attacks as part of their jobs.

And it isn't that hard for other criminals to copy the phishing interface, add a little code, and launch their own attacks from other servers as well.

There have, of course, been other phishing emails targeting American Express customers (as there have been against holders of other credit cards), and, as mentioned previously, even some that exploit the Safe Key security technology offered by American Express for extra trickery.

(Did you notice that the phishing email incorrectly separated Safe Key into two words?

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    The content of the job posting is the responsibility of the person requesting the posting and not the IACR.

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