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l'll get her, you get the coffee, meet me in the corner in . l walked miles of barb wire l got a cobra snake for a necktie A brand-new house on the road side And it's made out of rattlesnake hide Come on, take a little walk with me, baby And tell me who do you love Hey! Now around the town l use a rattlesnake whip Take it easy, baby, don't you give me no lip Who do you love? l finished my research on deadly pedicures, about the woman who contracted that fungus from the unsterilized tools. Now l'm on ''What Your Gyno Won't Tell You,'' which is also pretty scary, but, you know, upbeat. You mean, like, one glistening tear on your cheek, right? But then he started getting really busy, and l didn't know where he was. Well, l've been working on something that's kind of different. We are fashion, trends, diets, cosmetic surgeries, salacious gossip-- that's Composure.

Oh, l-l'm sure he thought it was one of his friends. lt's going to be my pitch, my account, my campaign. Seriously, l am mystified, because it always starts out so well. Yeah, well, you know, he's kind of partial to hot, leggy chicks for some reason.

And it's too late anyway, because Warren's meeting them for drinks at Mullins' tonight to discuss their ideas. But she has a problem hanging onto relationships, and doesn't really know what she's doing wrong, which is like a lot of our readers. So, l was thinking that l could start by dating a guy, and then drive him away, but only using the classic mistakes most women, like Michelle, make... l'll keep a diary of it, and it will be sort of a...


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