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Likewise, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg comprises eight counties across most of Northern New York and encompasses 12,036 square miles, 99 parishes, approximately 500,000 people and 126 priests, the law firm said.


Since the claims surfaced last fall, Harvey Weinstein himself has been investigated by police in several different cities in addition to New York, has been sued for sexual harassment and defamation, and has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. He said his firm’s most recent unmasking of priest identities is only a start.“They have been keeping this secret for a long time,” Mr. “We’ve been pressing to get the word out to protect kids. The heat is on them now, and they only respond to fire.”During Wednesday’s press conference, Anderson & Associates attorney Mike Reck called on the bishops of both dioceses to make public the names of all priests who have been accused of abuse.“We hope the diocese will view this as being on the cusp of doing the right thing,” Mr. “We continue to ask forgiveness for harm caused by sexual abuse, work diligently to prevent the abuse of children and pray for the healing and well-being of all survivors.”Earlier this month church officials in Ogdensburg announced the formation of an independent two-person panel to determine whether financial compensation will be given to those alleging sexual abuse as children at the hands of Catholic clergy across the north country.


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