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Often imagined as a relic of a couple of generations past, along with a dozen cats, ‘aunt' was more like an old "Auntique" than a modern, cosmopolitan woman.That's not to say I didn't love and honor our Great-Great-Aunts, but where were today's cool, contemporary aunt figures?What a diverse group of positive influences for America's children! That's helping develop his motor dexterity and his understanding of spatial relations.Unfortunately, our contributions to the American Family Village often go unnoticed and under-appreciated. Qual Auntie Time Unlike parenting, there is no legal obligation to ‘aunt.' The time we spend with our nieces and nephews is most often always quality time, unencumbered by parental duties like making sure the kids have brushed their teeth, made their beds, done their homework (not to say aunts don't help with that too when they can). To that end, Zero to Three, a nonprofit organization that fosters early childhood education, recommends an hour of unstructured play for a young child each day (e.g. All that pretending actually helps lay the groundwork for developing literacy down the line.

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And as far as the other kinds of gifts - the kind tied up with a bow - are concerned, an Auntie will often stretch her budget to put a smile on the face of a niece or nephew on birthdays or the holidays.

She's also more likely to jump on a plane for Thanksgiving than expect a family of four to travel to her. When a co-worker mom leaves work early to tend to a sick child, or when that big assignment is due and working late or over the weekend is necessary, a childless woman is (often expected to be) the one to pick up the extra work so moms can have family time.

Aunties who read a favorite book to their niece or nephew (over and over again) are helping the child learn new words.

Pointing out the pictures on the pages helps develop a baby's understanding of shapes, colors, counting, and emotions.

To help save a bit of money, I have moved back into my parents house while I work at a local IT Company to gain some work experience during my gap year. My mother is just motherly, and my Father is, I suppose Fatherly?


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