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even if "science" backs any of these assumptions up.

What a lot of nonsense, orgasms are a mental phenomenon, It is very easy for me to give a woman vaginal penetration orgasms through intercourse, I first make them highly orgasmic with erotic hypnosis, After one or 3 sessions depending if the woman is already orgasmic or suffers from anorgasmia (meaning she feels nothing with intercourse and can not orgasm from it).

I'm not trying to brag...but, a talented tongue on the clitoris is everything. You might be surprised at the percentage of women who have no (or little) interest in receiving oral sex, and/or would even actively avoid/discourage it.

A man who doesn't enjoy oral sex yet insists it, should be left immediately. Unlike the case with most biological characteristics, compared to human males, human females are incredibly varied in their sexual characteristics.

Even if it is for hours, and by sensitive and inventive individuals.

I still want even better than that lol So could I have orgasms outside the bedroom with just the thoughts/hypnosis in my head? I seem to have many multiple orgasms while on top because I love my nipples being sucked, nibbled on & played with. Thousands of singles join online dating sites every day. View photos and profiles of fun, like-minded singles.


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    At his ancient deep limbic system level, he will feel like he just killed the biggest mastodon and saved the whole tribe from starvation!

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