Row cannot be located for updating saleslogix datingsite rua friendfeed

These facilities are nearly always available and when errors occur, it is easy to identify and fix the problem because it will either be in your own code or in the SQL you wrote.When you use all the infrastructure of things like ADODB or ADO. problems can be much harder to find, you are also buying into a lot of stuff you may not need and it may not work with the database you want to use. Columns(1) = DBGet One Value("Select Acct Desc from Accounts" _ & " Where Acct No = '" &TDBGVoucher Line. Col = 2 Reply William, I think you may want to set the bookmark value of the grid after the Re Bind instead of before. t=539898 the only thing i can see from those is that it doesnt update the record because there is no promary key shouldnt rs.addnew() deal with that?______________ Carl Zeiss Vision Computer Scientist Asia Pacific John Bonnett 19 Cooroora Crescent Lonsdale SA 5160 Australia Phone: 61 (0) 8 8392 8366 Fax: 61 (0) 8 8392 8400 Email: [email protected] Web: email, including any attachments, is intended for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain information that is confidential, privileged and/or the sender's work.Any review or distribution by any other person is prohibited.

If so, you can add the values to an XArray DB object then REBIND the True DBGrid control. Columns(0) & "'", "")Would change to:obj Voucher Line XArray DB(dat Voucher Line. Bookmark, 1) = DBGet One Value("Select Acct Desc from Accounts" _ & " Where Acct No = '" & obj Voucher Line XArray DB.(dat Voucher Line. Bookmark, 0) & "'", "")Then use the REBIND event.Some values may have been changed since it was last read'The error seems to only occur when I edit fields in a newly created record? I am using D6 and the following components: TADOConnection, ADOQuery, ADOTable, Datasource.I've already searched the this forum and the suggestions haven't fixed the issue. TC 71205Even before I touch anything the error occurs within this code.i have used this method for years and have never had to add a primary key manutally before?


Hi All, I keep receiving the error:'Row cannot be located for updating.At this level SQL Server and My SQL are very similar and I can write a wrapper class over both of them to hide the different data sources from the rest of the program.


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