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If you are going to the effort to implement server paging and sorting, be sure that you are using the IQueryable implementation. To Data Source Result() is executed, you won’t be using the IQueryable implementation.This means that all of the paging, sorting, and filtering will be done in the database query rather than having the database return ALL of the results and then filter them down in server memory. Finally, it is important to note the the Data Source Request will be referencing the fields/columns that exist on the client, so if you are converting your Entity to a View Model or DTO for sending to the client (and you typically should), you need to do this projection BEFORE calling . Otherwise, you will get an error that the column or property does not exist in the Entity Set.The cost of the Telerik controls isn't an issue and overall I'm happy with the functionality they provide.


I recently did a post Telerik’s HTML5 Kendo UI (Grid, Detail Template, Tab Strip) which illustrated how to wire up their HTML5 Grid and handle server side paging.After doing so I quickly found myself needing to wire up the rest of server side bells and whistles e.g. Did some relentless googling and didn’t find any good resources on how to do this with MVC3 and EF4 so hence this blog post for the those of us that are doing just that.



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