Ps3 froze while updating Horny girls videos chat

Each time the hard reset didn't work (held my finger over the power button in every direction I could for way longer than 15 seconds each time) and I had to unplug. My Wii U was almost the same when it was first released.

Firmware Update 1.51 is out and hopefully this helps us!

I do not have access to a comp atm, this is from my ps3. It still hangs at character load though, so nothing accomplished.i updated the 1.03 patch right after i got the 1.02 and the moment it was signing on it froze. took the ethernet port out and i can play offline just fine. This is fine8) press triangle to change characters, and then just hit circle to return to the previous screen9) select "more" then "export save" once again, and this time it should go through successfully.

Router = Asus AC66UHooked up to a Linksys gaming adapter via cat 5, and using the DS4 via usb. Don't ask me why this works, but I tried a few combinations of everything until this finally pushed it through.

I couldn't get the UI menu to come up with the PS button, the game wouldn't take my inputs (despite still running fine at the menu), etc... I restarted into safe mode and did "rebuild library" option just as a safety measure.

Played all day afterwards yesterday and had no issues.

Which by the way sounded like a cage full of monkeys in the background quoting Breaking Bad. any who, the lady I spoke with was nice and said there was an update for 1.5 coming before Christmas. Every time I start Black Light it just sits at the opening screen and I have to unplug the damn thing! Mine froze once when i was in the middle of downloading pretty much all the free-to-play's and then trying to load one that was just installed.

At first she almost gave up and was wanting me to send my system in but its 0 not a hardware issue. It also froze and I had to unplug it randomly at trophy page. Had to unplug from rear, plug back in, reboot, started in safe mode, restarted after, been running fine since.


It yelled at me for not shutting it down properly and went into save mode to check data, but it didn't break anything. Contrast crashed once but it went back to the main menu.I've had to preform a reset once, though it was by holding down the power button instead of pulling the plug.This was when I was booting up Lego and my friend logged in to play second player.After he got logged in it went back to the Lego title screen, but his name and profile icon were stuck overlaid on top of the game in the upper right corner. I'm not to worried about it, because after that we played on it for like 8 hours non stop with various games and 0 problems.

When I tried to go back to the home screen the background came up but none of the icons or anything else did. My stock Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 crash several times a week.Please note that Xbox will not be receiving this patch, as the issue only affects Play Station users. PDT (8/6) - Thanks everyone for your continued patience and for helping submit the requested information!


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