Pregnant after a month of dating

That the last woman whom I dated, opted to have her tubes tied w/o asking what I wanted w/ her ...asked me to take her to the hospital for this operation a few weeks into our being so intimate ..priceless for as long as we remained together.

Has anyone broken up with you in a heartbeat when things seemed to be going so well? Or really any other remarks you may have about the scenario. Too bad that she couldn't 'do her math' quite right ..she was a great lay, but I didn't and still don't need these sort of head games ...w/ my heart very attached.

I'm just gonna kill this thread as it seems the one thing most POF forumers have in common is their collective LACK of a careless sex life.

Well, I have never been in this situation but I had to giggle at it a bit.

The problem that I had w/ this was that we didn't begin to get intimate until two weeks had passed before we were at this stage.

I had just seen Knocked Up and got to wondering...vitiate, I was once informed by a g/f that she was five weeks pregnant six weeks into our relationship together.

You shouldn’t let him pressure you into making this decision.

Ultimately, his opinion should be taken into consideration, but you should definitely get the final say.

Ultimately, people are more attracted to confidence, no matter where you are in life.

Even if you don’t know him that well, he does have the right to know.


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