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The two unchanged 2p orbitals form a pair of weaker π bonds.At atmospheric pressure, acetylene cannot exist as a liquid and does not have a melting point.

It is selectively hydrogenated into ethylene, usually using Pd–Ag catalysts.

The sublimation point at atmospheric pressure is −84.0 °C.

Approximately 20% of acetylene is supplied by the industrial gases industry for oxyacetylene gas welding and cutting due to the high temperature of the flame.

Goes My Heart", "Bad Hot Witch", "Meaningless Kiss", "Love Autopsy", "Way Back Into Love (Demo Version)", "Dance With Me Tonight", "Don't Write Me Off", "Way Back Into Love") [on why he is conducting a crusade to regulate standards for the British press] It certainly isn't a craving for attention.

I trudge on to 'Newsnight' or 'Question Time', like Saddam to the scaffold. The carbon–carbon triple bond places all four atoms in the same straight line, with CCH bond angles of 180°.



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