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In SQL Server, you set the identity property of a column, in Oracle you create a Sequence, and in Microsoft Access you create an Auto Number column. This is especially useful when you need to marshal the changed rows to a separate component that performs the update. New Row() new Row("Company Name") = "New Shipper" shipper. Add(new Row) ' Add changed rows to a new Data Table. A Data Column can also be used to generate automatically incrementing values by setting the Auto Increment property to true. Following the update, the copy can contain new identity values that must then be merged back into the original property set to Modified, which may be unexpected. This ' Data Table will be used by the Data Adapter. Write Line("Rows before merge:") Dim row1 As Data Row For Each row1 In categories. Write Line(" : ", row1(0), row1(1)) Next ' Merge the two Data Tables. Write Line("Rows after merge:") Dim row As Data Row For Each row In categories. Write Line(" : ", row(0), row(1)) Next End Using End Sub Private Shared Sub On Row Updated( _ By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Ole Db Row Updated Event Args) ' Conditionally execute this code block on inserts only. Dim cmd New ID As New Ole Db Command("SELECT @@IDENTITY", _ connection) e. A primary key in a relational database is a column or combination of columns that always contain unique values. Write Line("Rows after merge.") Dim row As Data Row For Each row In shipper. Write Line(": ", row(0), row(1)) Next End Using End Sub event handler checks the Statement Type of the Sql Row Updated Event Args to determine if the row is an insert. Skip Current Row End If End Sub values from a Jet 4.0 database. Text ' Add the parameter for the Category Name.


Pulling all of the table to the client also locks all of the rows on the server. However, this representation may cause a problem when the data type in the data source is a SQL Server decimal or numeric data type. NET Framework is created for the chaptered column, and that table is filled with the columns and rows from the chapter.When the Private Sub Retrieve Identity(By Val connection String As String) Using connection As Sql Connection = New Sql Connection( _ connection String) ' Create a Sql Data Adapter based on a SELECT query. Dim adapter As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter( _ "SELECT Category ID, Category Name FROM dbo. The When working with Microsoft SQL Server, you can create a stored procedure with an output parameter to return the identity value for an inserted row. Shippers " & _ "WHERE Shipper ID = SCOPE_IDENTITY();", _ connection) ' Add the parameter for the inserted value.

The following table describes the three Transact-SQL functions in SQL Server that can be used to retrieve identity column values. The Command Type property of the Insert Command must be set to Stored Procedure. Stored Procedure ' Add the parameter for the Category Name.



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