Old school dating video

He paused, smirked to himself and said “Is this meant for me? The first time I did this it didn’t go too well as the man in question just looked at me in confusion replying “This definitely isn’t mine” and continued to walk on at a slightly faster pace. However, the second guy (who tbh was far hotter anyway) seemed quite amused by the whole situation and said, “Oh thanks, I couldn’t lose something as important as this.” Judging from his accent and devilish charm he was Spanish/Italian so clearly more prone to appreciating my attempts at actual romance. How I thought I could actually get away with this I do not know, but hell I had nothing to lose at this stage.

” As brave as I could I batted my lashes and replied “Yes” before giving him an actual cheeky wink and strutting out of the store. A few of my friends work at a particularly suave bar in the city so I got them in on the plot and away we went.

Ok, maybe psychopath is a bit harsh, but this guy did spend a solid 30 minutes telling me about the various ways you have to adapt layers of paper to create cardboard.

Believe you me, I for one was not aware that there were in fact Needless to say I made my excuses and ran for my life (and my sanity).

A bulletin board system for romance started by Jon Boede and Scott Smith.


It went as follows: While advertising my desire for love was successful in the sense that I got a fair few responses, it proved to be less so when it was clear that all of the men who contacted me were well on their way to (a not so early) retirement. You walk into a room of strangers (who you immediately realize are about twice your age and twice as desperate) and then get seated opposite some random while you try and make timed and awkward conversation.

What’s more, it literally feels like a live-action Tinder trial.



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