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I called Melanie into my office because I'd had some thoughts I felt I should share. I also want you near me, but that is secondary to you being happy. Sheila's been thought of that way for years she told me." "But they'd think you were a slut." She grinned again, "But a slut getting porked by the Big Boss' schlong." Her mood changed and she giggled.She came in and gave me a tentative smile, in part because I think she wondered why I'd called her in with nothing obvious scheduled. "Melanie, I have a little speech to give, so please listen to me." I gestured to the chair in front of my desk and for her to sit. So, first, if you think it's too awkward working near me, just say the word and we'll get you another great assignment somewhere in the company – even in this building if you want." Mel violently shook her head and pleaded, "I want to work with you – like we've been doing. "I want more, more, more." "What if I were to occasionally want to do something here? Melanie smiled broadly as the prospect dawned on her, "I'd be the happiest executive secretary in the world. I'd want to warm your bed every night and be your sex object and lover. "I'd love it and hope it would never stop." I smiled, "And what do you think about Elsa and Cindy? They want me to stay with them all the time when you travel too – they invited me. They tell me that they love me too – physically and emotionally." She sounded so sincere.I'd be with the three people I love most in the world – you, Cindy, and Elsa. Best of all, I got to be with you." As an afterthought she said, "If you do it again, I hope you'll involve me. She and I talked – a lot." "You know I have very strong feelings for Sheila? Now, back to my earlier point about doing little sexy things in the office ...I'd be in heaven." "When we did the barbecue – the sex party that the girls had created, what did you think? would you please stand and come around the desk." Melanie stood and walked around my desk until she stood next to my chair.The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Chapter 13 – New Office Dress Code and a New Sister Mark The first hint I had a problem at the office came the Monday after Melanie had spent the weekend with Elsa, Cindy, and me.We had a very romantic weekend, and I apparently had distinguished myself by making love continuously to all three women Friday night, and all day Saturday and Sunday.



Yes, part of that was ego, but part was also an intense desire to make my lovers more than just satisfied – I wanted them ecstatic with the experience I could render to them and craving more. I had seen porn and had used it often as a release before the girls came into my life, but I started to look at it from a new vantage point: what would this video teach me about things I could do to please a woman – or women when in a simultaneous situation.I arrived at my desk at seven o'clock Monday morning.


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