Nico and arrasay dating

I mean certain personalities are definitely missed (namely Cat and Mia) but the Canadian version of the show has a lot going for it that the American version doesn’t have.

So, as it was Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I am home (leaving tomorrow) and finally got to check out .I watched 10.5 hours of it this weekend and I absolutely LOVE it.I think I may even like it more than the American version.(the first season of which is airing this fall on CTV), I don’t have access to it from school, I have to tape all the episodes on my PVR at home and watch when I get a chance.


So though I am thoroughly invested in this show, I won’t be able to post every week.

(That they're in looooove.) Their matchy-matchiness was just an "accident," Tortorella told at last night's premiere of the TV Land show.


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