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We’ve also talked about closed-comb housing – meaning that the traditional “comb” guard plate acts as a barrier between your skin and the blade as you run the razor down your skin.


The medium aggressive blade angle and closed-comb mean this is a great razor for either a daily shaver or an infrequent user, and would be a welcome present for beginners, or for experienced shavers with a single blade.

Made in the Japanese city of Seki, the quality of this instrument is evident as soon as you open the box and see it lovingly coddled in a deep burgundy case. The cross-hatched grip round the handle, which screws in smoothly, also assures the shaver that you can’t go wrong with this edge - it barely moved in our hand.

The price is admittedly huge, but this is simply the best quality on the list.

Buy now This Sheffield brand is known for quality, and the bulbous style of the Chatsworth brass razor, finished with chrome, does not disappoint.

It’s weighty yet nimble and the closed comb style offers ample protection from the blade.Also available is a stand of the same material, and the combination looks so swish you’ll want to showcase it.


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    What brought him to South Wales and the Gower by the late 1640s is unknown.

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