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In ordinary meaning, Easter is meant as sacred week of Resurrection of Christ during which, the Holy gates in churches remain open meaning that now Resurrection of Christ opened heaven for all.On eve of Easter people cook special dishes, they bake rich Easter cakes, make Easter cottage cheese cakes and paint eggs.The name orthodoxy came up after the Schism of Christian Church in two parts- The Orthodox and the Catholic Church.The argument was in the frase of the Prayer in which is said that the Holy Spirit derives from God.The event of resurrection of Christ has taken place in the third day after death of Jesus, not earlier than the first hours after sabbatical day. This day there was a great earthquake; angel came down from heavens, threw away the stone from a door of a coffin and sat on it.When devout women among whom there was also Maria Magdalena came to pray at a coffin, the angel has announced about Resurrection of Lord.Usually eggs are painted on Saturday, and then on Saturday are brought to the church to consecrate. Egg is the main paschal symbol of resurrection as and egg brings new essence.There is an old Russian Easter tradition - in this day people greet each other with three times kisses and with words "Christ arise!

Then it was decided to transfer an orthodox feast for one week after Jewish.

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