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(Last updated: January 2018.) The range of touring bikes on offer can be bewildering to the newcomer.And so it’s only natural that amongst the many questions I get asked about planning a cycle tour, the most frequent is “what’s the best touring bike?As well as all of the usual considerations, the Sutra is progressively-minded too with powerful disc brakes and plenty of scope for non-touring use.


They’re all mature, capable machines, tried and tested and with sensible price-tags, in need of nothing more than a Brooks B17 and a rider.The Tour – the cheapest of Ridgeback‘s “World” series – has much in common with its more expensive siblings, but with a cost-saving aluminium frame and basic Shimano gearing.Ridgeback bikes are widely available from UK high-street dealers, including Evans Cycles*, making it a bike you’ll easily be able to test ride.It’s a relative newcomer to the market, but Bike and my bike building friend both seem to like it.

At the bottom end of Dawes‘ well-known Galaxy range is the Galaxy AL.

They’ve bumped up the price over the last couple of years, putting it at the top end of the budget category.


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