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Not only did she model for these stunning photographs, she had to hold her breath in-between pictures until a diver could swim by with a breathing regulator to give her oxygen. View Now Impressionists have an ear for particular voices and sounds — it's really quite incredible.One of our favorite impressionists, Brian Hull took a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida to pay some characters a visit.The sketch focuses on a fake documentary capturing behind the scenes moments of the show, including a pitch meeting preparing for a supposed Hugh Grant appearance on the show.View Now She's known for her singing talents in movies like "Frozen," but actress Kristen Bell is proving she can do it all, even going up against musical theatre alum James Corden.And, of course, he harbours a love of music, specifically opera, that others find altogether perplexing.The satisfaction in watching his story unfold comes mostly from his relationships, especially with incredulous and stern father Roland (Colm Meaney) and girlfriend and eventual wife Julie-Ann (Alexandra Roach).Check out this absolutely hilarious sketch of late night host James taking over as Pennywise, the clown from "It" that just came out in theaters.

avoids some of the pitfalls of the genre by having a funny if calculable script, a great supporting cast, and a very strong and engaging lead in Corden.James shows up instead, complete with the infamous makeup, hair and costume.View Now We love when actors are good sports, and Orlando Bloom certainly is in this hilarious "IT Guys" skit with the one and only James Corden!If you can stomach that kind of dutiful predictability, the movie won't be hard to get through - it might even be a pleasure to watch.

Ultimately, this movie lacks a certain level of inventiveness which can be a little wearying, but its intentions are clearly to please those 'feel-good' movie lovers, and in that respect it certainly excels.Haley, 46, tweeted during the Grammys telecast that she was not impressed by the skit that showed Clinton and anti-Trump celebrities reading from the controversial book "Fire and Fury." “I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire and Fury book killed it. Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it.” Grammys take on Trump, DACA and gender equality While the Clinton segment resulted in wild applause from the star-studded crowd at the Grammys, Donald Trump Jr. “The more Hillary goes on television the more the American people realize how awesome it is to have @real Donald Trump in office #Grammy Awards2018,” he tweeted.



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