Girls dating douchebags quotes

Only a guy who lives his life on the edge can help her get out of her comfort zone.

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Earlier, there might have been instances of guys hitting on them or making a pass at them.

But now, with a tough guy besides them, nobody dares to mess with them. So, dating them leads expensive gifts, lavish dates and various other things that probably not everybody can afford.

Thus, they prefer dating the bad guys as they do not seek commitment either.

They could be in the relationship for some time without being asked to commit.


Dating a douche bag probably gives a girl a high who seeks to experience something which is out of her comfort zone.

] There are girls who are interested in getting in to a relationship but are not will to commit.

If they date a nice guy he is more likely to ask for commitment.

You will also end up learning several tips and tricks of the trade.


Dating a guy who everyone is envious of can give you a high.

You must have heard a lot of people saying that girls like bad boys.


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