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Thank God I can charge back through my bank, because Use Ne XT is a joke.And they go on and on; you know the situation is bad when a google search for Use Ne XT returns "usenext scam" as a similar search term at the bottom of the first page.But I'm so not going to pay it, don't care what the bank says.I know, I know my own bloody fault for not researching but damn, I'm so irritated!!! It looks like they are going to charge me 95.20 Euros and I cancelled before the trial was over - reading all the other messages on here everyone seems to say they have had a bad experience but I havent seen anyone that has cancelled before the trial ended and still looks like being charged.

I sent a support request and it came back saying there are 328 tickets and they'll get back to me in 32 hours. I called my bank and I will dispute the charge but that probably won't work.

They tried me te let me pay for an amount in 2008, which I have never used.


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