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According to the India Meterological Department, temperatures could soar to 45 degrees Celsius in New Delhi by Sunday.

Hong Kong’s most expensive heritage restoration project – at the Central Police Station and Victoria Prison compound – opens to the public on Tuesday.

Scholars have widely disputed this claim with Martin King Whyte and Wang et al finding that the policy had little effect on population growth or the size of the total population.

China has been compared to countries with similar socioeconomic development like Thailand and Iran, along with the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which achieved similar declines of fertility without a one-child policy.


The Danshan, Sichuan Province Nongchang Village people Public Affairs Bulletin Board in September 2005 noted that RMB 25,000 in social compensation fees were owed in 2005.Beginning in 1970, citizens were encouraged to marry at later ages and have only two children.


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