Ex boyfriend is dating another girl


This will help in two ways – firstly it will make you out as an attractive, outgoing girl who has her own life but will send the message that you are still single and thus keep the door open for reconciliation.

Be the person he fell for in the first place If your ex had been attracted by your intelligent personality, go back pursuits which will enrich your mind and broaden your mental horizons.

But even if you know that your ex is not dating on the rebound, resist falling into the trap yourself.

Have an active social life, go out with friends and party hard but don’t single out as someone special.



In case of misunderstandings or different perceptions, you may want to bring about changes which will clear the path to get your ex-boyfriend back. Is it just to prove that you are too smart to get dumped or because you believe that you cannot possibly go through life without a boyfriend?Your ex too will pick up the positive energies emanating from you and want to stick around.Let him be aware that you are thinking of him If you want to get your ex back, you need to find ways of letting him that now and then he still figures in your thoughts.In fact if you come across him after the breakup, be calm and talk of other things as far as it is natural to do so.

You will not only catch him off guard with your cool stance but even impress him with your maturity.

Now that you have broken up with your boyfriend, things don’t seem so good after all.



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