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So what happens when the honeymoon phase is over and the couple splits?

You will want to again counsel the employees on your sexual harassment policy and document their personnel files with a note that the relationship has ended and that they have both been counseled on the company’s sexual harassment policy.

Other employers have policies that provide that only romances between supervisors and subordinates are outlawed. If you do not have an “office dating policy,” you might consider whether one would be appropriate for your workplace due to your company’s size, structure, and environment, and whether you would be comfortable imposing discipline for violations of the policy.

Remember, if you decide to implement an “office dating policy” you must, without exception, enforce the policy and impose discipline on each member of the couple equally.


Allison Williams focuses her practice in the area of labor and employment law, litigation, and higher education law. Williams' practice includes cases pending in state and federal courts, as well as actions pending before the West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Board, the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Consider the following scenario: A 40-year old therapist becomes attracted to a 38-year old client and soon realizes that the feelings are mutual.

They discuss the situation and mutually agree to terminate therapy and to begin dating. I appreciate if you can answer sooner than 3 days and let me know ASAP if you can't make it ready. Source: Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Code of Ethics Romance and ethics in counselling *Consider the following scenario: A 40-year old therapist becomes attracted to a 38-year old client and soon realizes that the feelings are mutual.

As the saying goes, “only fools rush in” — this is true of love and employment decisions.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with office dating issues, February is a great time to review your sexual harassment policy with, and provide training to, all of your employees.

A.5b -sets a time limit of 5 years on therapist/client romantic relationship sexual or interactions including relations with former clients. and F.10) - addresses multiple relationships under the heading of "Sexual Relationships" extends this standard to include current supervisors, students, and research participants.


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