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Despite having a stalker or two for a bit in 2006 and a couple spats with Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne here or there, the Lizzie Mc Guire star is living a pretty normal life. OK, OK, Some people may count dating Justin Bieber as a giant F on your report card, but honestly, her record is pretty clean. Life after Even Stevens has been pretty quiet, it seems.


The pic is of the two making a pretty immature poop joke with a Winnie the Pooh sign and his caption simultaneously owns up to their (hilarious) immaturity and confirms their relationship by saying, "We're a very mature couple (ft. And hopefully we'll get even more super cute Sabrina/Bradley selfies now, right guys?! DNCE has won and been nominated for many awards over the years.star Bradley Steven Perry for a long time now for pretty obvious reasons, like how Bradley's constantly posting super sweet pics of the adorbs duo. And while we're sad that all of them didn't stay together, we have to admit that their past relationships STILL make us swoon to this day.

Even if these couples are all fictional, at least one lives on to this day (kind of). Their characters are divorced, but happily co-parenting and raising two kids together.

But Selena Gomez—answering questions nearly eight years later about dating Nick Jonas after he and Miley Cyrus broke up—just reminded us that the real drama and life lessons took place off-camera.



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