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Gi Tae is a confirmed bachelor who has no interest in getting married, but he faces tremendous pressure from his family to settle down.

To get them off his back, Gi Tae brings Joo Jang Mi (Han Groo) and introduces her as his future wife, knowing full well that his family would never accept her.

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I don't know yet where Miéville is going with this: we don't know what exactly Yagharek did to be punished painfully and severely for "choice-theft".But that requires recognizing the connections and dependencies between people and the world."Abstract" individualism seems to resemble nothing so much as the form of libertarianism that is favoured in some quarters, particularly in the USA.As described so far, I find the "concrete individualism" quite congenial to myself.

I do tend to think that the proper purpose of all these political peregrinations and machinations should be, in the best case, maximizing the well-being of the maximum number of individuals, rather than defending abstract collectivities.

They have their own science fiction/fantasy writers, some of them very good.


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