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Even if an object is really solid sterling, this means that the cost to forge it will be a few cents higher than the cost of the metal and the rest of a selling price will be profit.The main target of forgeries is the big name makers, but there is also a market in other things.Is it possible that dimensions of this model change slightly from year to year?When I held in my hands the current - "Spanish" - version of the Faneuil Infant Feeding Spoon at the Tiffany store, I noticed that my spoon's handle was slightly thicker and the bowl was slightly deeper than the current version's. This is indeed a new mark--and I'd say it is definitely post-1985, when they shut down their silver factory in Newark, New Jersey, and sent all their dies up to the Lunt silver factory in New England.I am aware that several 'big name' companies are fighting a losing battle with Ebay to get them to intervene but the problem is Ebay does not have the time or expertise to police the auctions unless someone lodges a specfic complaint, and even they they are slow to act or will not act unless they can confirm the forgery.

So, the question is whether fake Tiffany silverware is common.

It may be a suit forbidding any sale of your brand name products would work.


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