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"You should just be happy for me, and dating for women is hard" is a shitty tack to take with your dude while he watches some other guy rearrange your guts. I don't have a dog in this fight, as they say. OP is being disingenuous in downplaying the issues of men and ignoring the realities of dating. That is a separate from saying that women suffer differently.And before anybody jumps to conclusions, I was fortunate to be born handsome and have a much better time dating online than average. The politics and realities of dating/sexuality don’t add up. But it’s unfair to just so pointedly say that men are just so much more better. If you, a straight male, get 10% positive attention and 90% being ignored, your female equivalent gets 10% positive attention, 40% being ignored, and 50% getting her basic human dignities spat and trampled upon.After all the advice and support that applies to a lonely single man is seriously not that different from the advice and support that applies to a lonely single people in general - there is such at thing as "men's issues" but being lonely or having trouble dating is a universal. it is to date, women still find the strength to power through and find those additional partners.


It's just that few people in majority groups actually cared to listen. “Yes, I believe women are rightfully fearful of men. The of my partners and exes and women friends have horrible traumatic stories of rape and assault.I wish I was surprised at all the men brushing aside the lived reality of violence and abuse, to insist that their feeling undesired is equivalent. And because of non-monogamy, i got to see all my partners' bad dates, the assaults, the horrible controlling behavior, all happen right in front of me while I was dating the person.


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    The last couple of years have seen a dramatic change in the dating industry landscape.

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    Teniendo en mente esta metáfora sobre las páginas de webcam en vivo, cuando tienes a la modelo a tu completa disposición tu eres el encargado de dirigir el espectáculo.

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