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And the curry added a nice kick of flavor to the pureed, lightly creamed soup.There was a lot of contrasting flavors and texture and I wasnt able to fully understand based on a couple of spoonful. The yelowfin tuna carpaccio was sliced paper thin and had a delicate, sweet flavor.Perhaps it is a coincidence or maybe the alcohol makes you think the service is better. well no doubt server's live off their tips/gratuities but that inconsistency really bugs me. Leaving us the leftovers for our home cooked suppers. I normally order the mussel as a share item with others. Since you can get similar quality fries at a few places but not similar type of poutine anywhere else.There was 3 options for the DOV menu and the foie de canard for an add-on.It was in Australia that he met his current wife and business partner Kari. Kari manages the front of house including the local art work on display, that changes every 4-6 weeks.Eleanor Chow, the pastry chef is one of the rising pastry chef in the city.Chambar serves French/Belgian/North African influenced cuisine in an unpretentious environment.There are no dress requirements or restrictions like most Vancouver restaurants.



And also at Chambar's baby sister Cafe Medina, where Eleanor's Belgian Waffle accompaniment of compotes, caramel and chocolates sauces are sinfully delicious.I find it stylish but haven't found anything that makes me go, 'wow! However, I did find some of the seats uncomfortable. I like the vibe and environment plus the mix of people that gather at Chambar. It's the people behind the food that makes the 'magic' happen. Therefore if you change the cook, the end results are different.


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