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She started to wonder if Sam was getting sex on the side, as he seemed to have no interest at all in sex right then.Vixxen and Sam had agreed never to masturbate outside of the presence of the other, promising to stay involved with each other sexually.Everything had to work, and everything had to be perfect.Vixxen did not see things in that way, she missed spending time with her boyfriend, the man she loved, the man she wondered if she could marry someday.She did understand, but she didn't like it very much. Sam was so busy that he did not know anything was wrong, having lived his life as an introvert being forced into occasional social activity.He truly cared for Vixxen, however, and he was sure that she would understand how busy he remained when the contract came in. He just needed time, the old guy, Bill, with whom he was working was very demanding.


While Sam tried to be understanding, Vixxen was complaining a lot more than he liked to hear, and she was spending her days working out and doing yoga.Sam knew that Vixxen was struggling with his workload.He was getting home late and he was mentally exhausted when he got home.Vixxen started watching porn on her laptop again and started masturbating to it.

She had long enjoyed the touch of her own fingers and the taste of her own fluids, and she fell back into her old ways of self-pleasure without any qualms.These stories need not include any of my recurring characters.


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    The couple split, however, in 1993 after Ryder's parents forbade their daughter to marry.

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